Below are links to exercise programs commonly used by Front Range Orthopedics & Spine physicians.  It is recommended you consult with your Front Range Orthopedics & Spine doctor prior to starting these exercises. 


Balance Exercises: 

Balance Exercises (pdf)


Shoulder Exercises:

Modified Rehab After Rotator Cuff Repair (pdf) (FitzGibbons)

Post-op Rotator Cuff Protocol (pdf) (FitzGibbons)

 Rotator Cuff Strengthening Exercises (pdf)

Shoulder Stick (Range of Motion) Exercises (pdf) (FitzGibbons)

Throwers Ten Exercise Program (pdf)

Throwing Phase 1 (pdf)

Throwing Phase 2 (pdf)


Hand, Wrist, Elbow Exercises:

Wrist Range Of Motion (pdf)


Hip, Leg & Knee Exercises:

Quad Strengthening (pdf)

IT Band Stretching  (appropropriate for hip bursistis) (pdf)

Knee Range of Motion (pdf)

Knee Cap Range of Motion (pdf)

Quad & Hamstring Stretching (pdf)


Foot & Ankle Exercises:

Sprained Ankle Exercises (pdf)

 Plantar Fasciitis (pdf)



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