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Dr. Shah Review - Bill Plante

Bill Plante
Surgeon: Dr. Nirav Shah
Reason for orthopedic care: hip replacement

Every summer Bill Plante returns to his home state of Maine to visit family and get some R & R.  During Bill’s five week visit in 2014 he started experiencing tremendous pain in his hip, back and groin.  “The more I was walking and the more I was spending time on the beach, in the sand, it was getting worse.   By the time we were ready to leave and drive home I was really hurting.”

Bill arrived back in Colorado on a Sunday and by Monday he was in his primary care physician’s office taking x-rays and investigating the problem.   “Come to find out it was arthritis… I was bone on bone,” Bill said.  Bill’s doctor prescribed physical therapy and pain medication to see if it would help with his pain.  “I made some progress but not very quickly.

Bill made an appointment with Dr. Nirav Shah and upon his first consultation both Bill and Dr. Shah agreed to try another non-surgical alternative which was a cortisone injection. “For patients who are bone-on-bone,” Dr. Shah commented, “cortisone injections do improve pain temporarily, it may not be a complete reduction in pain but it can allow someone, such as Bill, to function more normally.” 

For Bill, the injection provided minimal relief and within three weeks he knew he was ready for his total hip replacement.   “I tell patients you will know in your head, in your heart and in your hip when you are ready for surgery,” Dr. Shah said.

Dr. Shah and Bill decided on a surgery date of Feb. 17, 2015.  “I do my best to schedule a patient’s surgery around their family and travel schedule,” Dr. Shah said.

 “My grandson was playing in a golf tournament in Florida in March and I wanted to be there,” Bill commented. “I asked Dr. Shah if I would be able to walk the golf course 3 ½ weeks after my surgery.   He didn’t think I could walk a full 18 but he was confident I would be able to walk at least nine holes.”

As planned, Bill received his total hip replacement and 25 days later he was following his grandson on the Talis Park Golf Course in Naples, Florida “not even limping.  That’s how great I was,” Bill said.

“Everything Dr. Shah predicted, worked.   Everything he said is exactly what happened,” Bill continued. “He told me I would be walking the same day as surgery, and I was.”  

Bill is happy about his decision to have a hip replacement.    He is equally as happy with his surgeon and will eventually elect to have his other hip replaced as well. 

Bill’s advice to other people considering a hip replacement:   “I put up with pain for six months and in hindsight I could have cut that in half.  I encourage people to get it done sooner rather than later.  Pick a surgeon with a good reputation and one who has done a lot of surgeries… I had such a good experience with Dr. Shah...  I’m happy to recommend him.”


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