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 "Dr. Leonard, Thanks for fixing my wrist and getting me back on my bike."
- Alex Willie

Dr. Curtis Leonard Reviews by Alex WillieDr. Curtis Leonard Reviews by Alex WillieDr. Curtis Leonard Reviews by Alex Willie


Dr. Curtis Leonard Review by Dave MonhollenDave Monhollen
Surgeon: Dr. Curtis Leonard
Reason for orthopedic care:  dislocated shoulder

Dave & Carol Monhollen moved to Colorado to be closer to their children and grandchildren. 

In March 2012, Dave had an extensive workload of wood carving; nonetheless, he still managed a 15-mile hike.   By the end of that same week, Dave wasn’t feeling so well.   He hoped to get rid of the fatigue and sluggishness with a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Carol found Dave unconscious, eyes half open and his body jerking.   “I screamed at him and tried to roll him over,” Carol said.  

Dave had another seizure in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

 “Out here (in Colorado) you have to drink a lot of water,” Dave said.  “People said you can’t drink enough, so I was drinking a gallon to six quarts of water a day… No one told me about electrolytes.”   Hind sight is 20/20:  with the large amounts of water and lack of salt in his diet, he was washing all the sodium out of his system.

“My electrolytes were collapsing. I didn’t know what was going on.  Sometime that night my body went into seizures. 

Still there were more mysteries.   Dave had severe pain in his shoulder, and that pain radiated down his arm, “I didn’t have the strength to grasp a pen to sign my name.”  

The neurologist consulted Dr. Leonard, and he discovered Dave had a rear dislocation to his shoulder and breaks in his humerous. 

“The posterior dislocation is rare and classically occurs with seizures,” commented Dr. Leonard.  “It often does not result in any outward deformity, therefore it is often not detected early.  It is possible that a dislocation may not be detected for months, or even years. At that point, the patient needs to decide to live with the disability, or undergo major surgery. Even major surgery will not result in full return in function. The key is early detection and treatment.”

“We so appreciated Dr. Leonard and the way he explained things to us.  He took lots of time with us and made sure we understood what was going on,” Carol added.

Shortly, Dave was taken to the operating room where he was put under general anesthetics so Dr. Leonard could manually put his shoulder back in the proper place. 

Once a person experiences a dislocation and has it reset, many times they do not stay in place. Since the diagnosis was made early in Dave’s recovery, everyone was hopeful for a positive outcome.  

Several months later, Dave’s shoulder is still in place, “I guess I’m the poster child for a dislocated shoulder.”

Dave and Carol are returning to their daily routine and Dave recently completed his carving that was put on hold due to his recovery.


Louis AndersonLouis Anderson - patient of Dr. Curtis Leonard
Surgeon: Dr. Curtis Leonard
Reason for orthopedic care: broken wrist

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in May, Louis Anderson was enjoying a 32-mile bike ride on Big Dry Creek Trail. That enjoyment came to a screeching halt when Louis was thrown from his bike at 35 mph. When he hit the ground, he broke his wrist and skinned his knee all the way to the bone. “I was laying there and I could feel all these pains I had never felt before,” Louis said.

He thought he could get back on his bike and ride home, but the reality was something different, “I couldn’t grip the handlebars,” he said. 


While his riding partner went to get help, Louis managed to get to a shady area where he would wait for his partner’s return.

The irony of this accident stuck out in Louis’s mind. A few months ago Louis had begun his recovery from a low point in his life. “We all have ups and downs (in life). I came out of my down with God’s help. A few months prior to this accident I felt God tell me ‘I’m gonna make you stronger.’” Louis said.

How is this making him stronger?

It was in the next couple of hours that Louis found his reassurance and strength. To help pass the time and take his mind off the pain, Louis retrieved his iphone and started reading his biblical daily reading from one of his favorite apps. “In the reading for that particular day it said, ‘whatever happens to you today that you think is a big deal, just treat it like a bump in the road…’ from that I regained my strength,” Louis said.

By the time Louis reached the ER his pain was indescribable. “The first thing Dr. Leonard did was look at my wrist and tell me what he was going to do. He told me I was going to be fine, no problem.”

Dr. Leonard reset Louis’s wrist with a titanium plate and screws. After the surgery Dr. Leonard told Louis, “by the way, you’re going to be stronger now than you were before.”

Six months later, Louis is at 99%, but he has no doubt he will reach 100%. “There is nothing I can’t do now. Now I have a stronger will. I didn’t have total strength before like I do now,” Louis said.

A few weeks ago a friend told Louis about a metal he was reading about, it is rare in that the more stress you put on it the stronger it gets…. the metal is titanium. Louis laughed as he said, “It is titanium in my wrist.”


Dr. Curtis Leonard Review by Billie IshmaelBillie Ishmael

Surgeon: Dr. Curtis Leonard
Reason for orthopedic care: broken arm & two knee replacements

Billie met Dr. Leonard in the ER after she fell andbroke her arm. She liked Dr. Leonard so much she cameback to him for her two knee replacements.

“Dr. Leonard is the best surgeon on the planet. He willexplain everything to you that you don’t even have to ask.He speaks in terms you can understand.

”Since Billie has had her knees replaced, she has returnedto daily life, “Now I can do everything I want. I drive mycar. I even do my own grocery shopping… I wasn’t willingto live my life in a wheelchair if I couldn’t walk. It’s likehaving a second chance.

”Billie is excited to revive her home art studio. The lasttime she painted was when her son was in high school… he isnow 53! “Because of Dr. Leonard I will get to paintwith my grandchildren.”


"Dr. Leonard has been fantastic! He always knows exactly what to say to comfort my kids. That's a big deal for me. He makes them laugh,and reassures them that they will be just fine.....and they always have! Thank you all so very much!"

"Dr. Leonard is a phenomenal surgeon!  He replaced both of my knees.  If my hips every do become a problem I will have him replace my hips too!"

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